Learning to write comes from reading, both the work of published writers and of our peers, and from using one’s powers of insight and creativity to analyze what one reads and figure out why it works when it does and what is missing when it doesn’t. This is where knowledge is gained, and it’s slow and frustrating, nebulous, diffuse, much less direct and directed than having someone write Great! in the margins of a story ….
Jo Ann Beard, “Close,” Festival Days

Every workshop we offer at Juncture reflects Beth’s deep understanding of the memoir form—its makers, its challenges, its rewards. We’re currently offering all programs online, with the hope of returning to in-person teaching soon.


This new series offers eight distinct, one-hour sessions that take an in-depth look at issues critical to all memoir writers. The illustrated presentations feature carefully chosen excerpts from Beth’s vast library of memoirs and essays, ideas and prompts designed to advance each participant’s work, and stories and examples from Beth’s own many years of crafting, revising, and publishing. Fifteen minutes are set aside at the end to answer questions.


Each session is $35. All are presented live via Zoom. They are recorded and available to participants for ten days following the program.



Beth is now offering a limited number of memoir/essay manuscript-critique sessions—individualized review sessions tailored to each writer’s needs.


Hourly rate: $200/hour
Menu of services:


Developmental Manuscript Critique, which entails Beth’s comprehensive reading of the writer’s pages, an overall, written assessment of strengths and possibilities, and embedded track-change comments. Throughout this process, the writer will be encouraged to more fully explore a range of issues including the broadening of characters, scenes, and telling details; the identification of universal questions and themes; poetic repetitions vs prosaic redundancies; the judicious or injudicious use of white space; meaningful juxtapositions; and the rise, fall, and tangle of related storylines. Every review is, of course, shaped according to the specific strengths and curiosities of the writer.


Should the writer wish to follow up with a Zoom call, that time will be charged accordingly, in addition to the time spent on the Developmental Manuscript Critique.


Zoom Consultations, in which writers, through a guided conversation with Beth, are offered new insights as they seek, among other things, to develop nascent storylines, identify appropriate forms (the braid, the embedded flashback, the collage, the prose poem, the hermit crab, etc.), test tone or voice, gather new resources to assist them in their work (including ideas about which books to read), or review the inherent possibilities and challenges of the publishing landscape.


Beth sends a Venmo or PayPal request immediately upon the delivery of her services.


Beth does not offer copy-editing services and also does not serve as a direct link to agents and editors. She can make no guarantees regarding the publishing future of a project.


Beth offers a limited number of manuscript development/Zoom sessions each month, and so, at times, there is a waiting list.

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