Learning to write comes from reading, both the work of published writers and of our peers, and from using one’s powers of insight and creativity to analyze what one reads and figure out why it works when it does and what is missing when it doesn’t. This is where knowledge is gained, and it’s slow and frustrating, nebulous, diffuse, much less direct and directed than having someone write Great! in the margins of a story ….
Jo Ann Beard, “Close,” Festival Days

Every workshop we offer at Juncture reflects Beth’s deep understanding of the memoir form—its makers, its challenges, its rewards. We’re currently offering all programs online, with the hope of returning to in-person teaching soon.



Whether we are writing long form memoir or flash fiction, prose poetry or speculative hybrids, every sentence—and every arrangement of sentences—matters.


But how do we find the right words and fit them into the right places? How do we master sonics, syllables, scenes, stories, and pace? Elongation and compression? Density and white space? These questions arise not just at the start of every project, but deep into the crafting and revision.


“Taking Flight” is a four-part workshop series designed for writers of all genres seeking new ways to think about the possibilities and power of language. Participants will enter a curated world of art, music, and literature, taking literary inspiration and instruction from John Singer Sargent, Agnes Martin, Gustav Mahler, Elizabeth Hardwick, Paul Auster, and others. They’ll be led through a series of original art-inspired prompts (art by William Sulit and Beth Kephart) and given a behind-the scenes look at Beth’s approach to fitting words with images and ideas. They will write, finally, to a progression of elevated, guided prompts.


At the close of each session, Beth will suggest five literary magazines in which participants might consider placing the work they have begun or revised inside the classroom.


A private group Facebook page will be established in which participants can share their work over the course of our time together.


Each session is $45. All are presented live via Zoom. They are recorded and available to participants for 30 days following the program.



For information on individual critiques please follow this link.

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