How do I sign up for the Story of You workshops?

You can find all of our workshops listed in the “Our Workshops” page. Once on that page, click on the workshops that interest you to read a full description and to check the date on which the selected session will be held. You can add your selections to the cart. Sessions are purchased individually. You can sign up for as many or as few as you would like. Sign-ups are accepted up to 48 hours ahead of each session. Participants will each receive a Zoom link and password ahead of each session.


What can I expect from the Group Critiques?

Each Group Critique session offers writers in-depth critiques in a group Zoom setting. The participants’ 2,500-word manuscripts will be submitted to Beth two weeks in advance of each session and shared among participants. Beth will open each session with a group exercise. She will provide Track Changes comments to each writer after the session closes. Each writer will have thirty minutes of focused group review on their pages during the Zoom session.


These workshops will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis. However, if you are part of a writing group and would like to reserve an entire class for a specific group of people, we are happy to accommodate that.


Our maximum is five people. Our minimum is three people.


How do I sign up for the Group Critiques?

Please contact us with your interest. Once we have at least three people and a mutually convenient date, we will secure your place.


Do I have to “qualify” to join the workshops or participate in a Group Critique session?

No. The only qualification is your interest in memoir, literature, and conversations about life.


How much time do I have to register for a Group Critique session?

If you are registering for a Group Critique, you will have to register three weeks in advance and have your manuscript ready to be emailed to Beth two weeks in advance of the critique session.


How do I sign up for the 2023 Fabulous Nine master’s level program?

Please contact us expressing your interest. We will send you and email where you can submit your 2,000-word writing sample. This group is limited to nine individuals who commit to an intensive nine-month course.


What will I receive once I have registered for my classes?

You will receive an acknowledgment of payment as soon as you register. Forty-eight hours ahead of the class beginning, you’ll receive a Zoom invitation, with a Zoom link and a password.


Does Beth offer individual consulting on memoirs/essays-in-progress?

Yes, she does. Beth charges $175/hour for these sessions, which are typically oriented toward developmental edits. Beth provides notes on the manuscripts and typically concludes with a one-hour Zoom session during which the writer can ask follow-up questions. Please send us an email expressing your interest.


Are all of Beth’s workshops focused entirely on truth-related literature?

Yes. Beth is drawing all of her examples and insights from micro-essays, essays, memoirs, and prose poetry. However, there are many concepts that she explores that have crossover appeal for those thinking about writing other forms.


Will the workshop presentations be recorded and made available following the live Zoom sessions?

The presentations will be recorded. Participants will have access to those recordings for 10 days following the live session so that they may revisit key concepts and undertake the suggested exercises on their own time. Those who are unable to join a session due to a scheduling conflict can purchase the session and listen to the recording during that 10-day period. The workshop sessions have been created for the sole use of those who have purchased each offering, and are not to be distributed to or shared with others.


What happens if my class is cancelled or rescheduled?

If your workshop doesn’t reach minimum enrollment or we have a scheduling conflict, we may reschedule or cancel up to the day class is set to begin. If we reschedule or cancel, we will give students the opportunity for a full refund, or we can help you transfer to a new class. If a class is rescheduled, you are welcome to remain enrolled if the new dates work for you.



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