Writing Relationships


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Writing Relationships
He, She, and They All Said (or Didn’t Say)
Sunday, February 5, 2023 – 3 PM ET (eastern time, USA)


The stories abound: Conflicted love. Devastating disputes. Unanswered yearnings. Boredom. How do we write about the people who have shaped us? How do we give the exercise both justice and meaning? How do we make relationship talk bigger than ourselves? Drawing on writers like Brenda Miller, May Sarton, C.J. Hauser, and Paul Auster, this illustrated presentation will look at some of the options we have as we write about the people in our lives; it will also explore some of the questions I’ve faced as a writer. I share a few takeaway prompts at the end.


Forty-five-minute lecture/Fifteen-minute Q and A session.