It’s Bigger Than You


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It’s Bigger Than You
The Dynamic Possibilities of Foils and Braids
Sunday, October 2, 2022 – 3 PM ET (eastern time, USA)


Karl Ove Knausgaard finds himself in a first snow. Philip Connors goes to the river to live with his losses. Olivia Laing makes room for loneliness. Ada Calhoun wants to write a memoir that braids her life with her father’s idol, Frank O’Hara (does she succeed?). I decode the prickly parts of myself while chasing an artist named Henriette Wyeth. How do we look for the foils and braids that can expand the power of our true stories? How can we weave the world beyond into our prose? Drawing from a wide range of literary and artistic sources, as well as my own personal experience, this illustrated presentation is designed to help set you down a path of new possibilities, and to help you manage the material you encounter. I share a few takeaway prompts at the end.


Forty-five-minute lecture/Fifteen-minute Q and A session.