Mastering the Art of the Suppose


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Mastering the Art of the Suppose

Sunday, March 12, 2023 – 3 PM ET (eastern time, USA)


We live in a truth-imperiled world. We live among fakers and relativists, liars and cheats, embellishers and subjectivists. We live afraid that the truth could be anything, or will remain forever outside our reach, or that it will carry forward, endlessly unspoken. There’s no truth like the real truth, the saying goes, but where, in this world, is that truth? Perhaps it lives—in part—in the art of the suppose—a premise I suggested during a Hippocampus keynote a few years ago, and an idea I am now revisiting with new examples and ideas in this illustrated lecture. How do we wield the effective maybe, the pristine perhaps? Join me for the conversation. I share a few takeaway prompts at the end.


Forty-five-minute lecture/Fifteen-minute Q and A session.